Once again they will be coming from the far corners of Canada and the U.S. as well. The descendants of James and Mary Boyle will  be attending the Boyle Family Reunion this summer in Gaspé to celebrate their collective roots.
The Boyle clan, large in number and far scattered, will be home to meet and greet members of the family, friends and visit old surroundings. In fact, some members of the family may never have been "home". We are looking forward to a great gathering. For more information on the events please contact Vicki Boyle Lepage  @
lepage88@shaw.ca, call her at 780-962-6714 or call or text her at 780-718-8139.
Jim Caputo, who was recently named Commissioner for Ontario for the Clan MacKinnon Society, will be in attendance as well. Many members of the Boyle Family are descendantes of Neil McKinnon who settled in New Carlisle in 1785. Jim will be pleased to share information on Neil as well as the Clan Society. For further information contact him at - clanmackinnon@outlook.com

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